Social media - Resources for the social care sector

Social media is connecting more and more people. As our social media use grows we are discovering it's many advantages in ways we can use digital technology to support people in social services, their carers and families.

Here is our round up of social media resources for the social care sector.


1. Social media for social care: a guide to online tools

Technology can promote independence and diminish isolation but councils must make residents aware of available support - a round up of good online tools by @shirleyayres

2. New social media guide for people working in health & social care - do's & don'ts & being sensible online.

Great resource via @uk_james

3. Using social media to engage, listen and learn

Part of the Smart Guides to Engagement series, this guidehelps clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) interact with service users, stakeholders and communities through socialmedia. 

4. Connecting Social Care & Social Media

Blog by @shirleyayres discussing and sharing resources to promote the use of social media in social care


5. 7 Twitter mistakes we have to make before we call ourselves pro's

Great post by @HelReynolds - remember that bad can sometimes turn good.  "It's a measure of a person and an organisation when they are happy to so freely flag up mistakes. Most would run a mile from doing so but being brave, and human, will pay off in the longer run, especially on social media."


6. Will your audience find it shareworthy?

If your finding your feet on social media this post by @buckhouse might help you to understand how to engage well by "giving your audience something that actually makes their lives better".

7. Find your personal touch on social media

If you are starting to use twitter or blogs as part of your business strategy, this post is for you. Often people new to these communication tools will struggle to find their personal touch.

Have you defined your company culture regarding online communication? If so, how does it fit into your overall business strategy? Wonderful resources from the people at @EnviableWorkplc


8. The Click Guide to Digital Technology for the Adult Social Care Sector 

The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Social Care has been developed to help professionals, carers and service users make use of the fantastic resources which are already available across the whole spectrum of needs in adult social care today.


9. A 12 word social media policy

The biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation.  Simply putting “find me on Facebook" or “follow me on Twitter" badges on your website does not equate with health care social media.  Having noted this, among the most common concerns that seem to limit participation are those regarding professionalism.  So let’s make this as easy as possible, with 12 words to light your way by @FarrisTimimi 

10. Blogging to share good practice

Gill Phillips, the Director of Nutshell Communications Ltd and creator of @whoseshoes, talks about the advantages of online networks in allowing for a more dynamic approach to communication and knowledge sharing in the social care sector.

11. Social Media - Why you should take notice

Focus on something that is readily available as a tool to support individuals, communities, councils or other organisations who are looking to engage with, develop alongside, and understand their stakeholders. Focus was on the role that social media can play as a tool for citizen and community engagement. Article by @GeorgeJulian


12. 20 Things they never told us about going social

Great presentation by @PaulBromford 20 slides detailing mini lessons we can all learn about social media.


13. My Tablet and me - Top 10 activities for people living with Dementia.

Over the past eight weeks @MrDarrenGormley has been collaborating with the people he visits and put together their own official top ten activities based on their experiences with him during that time.


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