Thousands of people have used Q Care Ltd services to support them to live in the place they love best - home.

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My carers are excellent...

"I couldn't fault them at all. They're very gentle with me and I do say to them, "oh I am slow". They always say, "take your time, don't worry". Sometimes I'm a little bit embarrassed over things, but they are here to look after me and they do. I couldn't fault them at all...they're marvellous, wonderful they are. They treat me like their own mother."

- Gwyneth

I rely on them now...

"We've always been happy Chris and me, we're a happy couple. But I was lifting him all the time, getting him out of bed until in the end my son said "you've got to have help". I am 87 and I never thought I could look after my husband altogether, but they (the carers) help me. Having extra help is the best thing I've done. I rely on them now and I look forward to them coming. They're part of the family".

- Olive, wife to Chris

Means a lot to me...

"It's so important that Joan stays at home. I wouldn't have it any other way and it is possible to carry on because of the help we get from Q Care. They do a good job, you know it's sometimes not a very pleasant job they have to do, but the carers are very good. They're very kind to Joan and that means a lot to me".

- Roy, husband to Joan

As a friend...

"They (the carers) know you very well and they notice when things are wrong with you. This is really important for me and Ken."

"They talk to you as a friend, you're not just a patient to them".

- Ken & Betty

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