So that we can check for problems that you might not see or feel. Patients often only come to see us when they have pain.

There is no such thing as a typical visit as each service user is unique and each day is different but to help give you an understanding of how your service will be provided we have detailed some common traits.

Your Support worker will arrive at your home at the time we have agreed with you. We do have a 15 minutes window of arrival just in case your support worker has been held up by traffic etc. You’ll be able to recognise our support workers as they will wear a navy polo shirt with our logo on it. You can request to see their identification which is in an electronic format on their mobile phone.

After they have entered you home and greeted you, they will need to use their app on their phone to log the visit using the disc that has been placed on your folder.  They will then read the notes left in the diary and Your Plan of Care.

After checking with you they will start their duties, wearing their gloves and aprons at all times. They will work with you to achieve your outcomes that are detailed in Your Plan of Care. They do have a set time to complete tasks but you should not feel rushed and should feel that your privacy and dignity is respected at all times.  They will chat with you throughout the process.

Once the tasks are completed, they will ask if there is anything else you require. At the end of the visit, the Support Worker will detail the visit in the information diary with a summary of tasks completed and anything that needs to be noted . They will then use their app to log out to notify us that they are leaving.


Why do I need an assessment?

The 3 main reasons for receiving care in YOUR home are...



You only pay for
the care you actually need…












Your plan of care is tailor made to suit you and your preferences












It’s the place
you know best…









An assessment is required to enable us to design, with you, the most effective personalised plan.  If you are new to care, then you may be feeling a little unsure as to how it all works and what you can expect from a care provider.  Once we have a basic description of what services you require, a member of our team will visit you at home to discuss in more detail how we can meet your needs and to devise Your Plan of Care with you.



To save time before our visit you might like to fill in our registration form before we arrive...


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What to expect from a typical visit

A visit from a stranger can be a daunting prospect for many reasons. At Q Care we understand this and do all we can to put you at ease while you are under our care...

Once you have decided to go ahead with care from Q Care, the first thing we will do is arrange to visit you in your home to carry about an assessment to determine exactly what care you need. We will use this information to devise Your Plan of care.

We will ask you questions about what you feel you need help with . It may be helpful to have members of your family or people that are important to you at the meeting.

Together we will devise a plan of care that takes into account what you wish to achieve based on what you can do for yourself and what we can work with you to achieve - these are called your desired outcomes.

We will also conduct a risk assessment so that we can ensure our work can be undertaken safely in your home.