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Making the choice that’s right for you 2

We understand that it can be difficult to ask for help, especially if you’re the type of person who likes things done in a certain way and at a time of your choosing.

Well, that’s all of us, isn’t it? Don’t we all like to run our homes and our lives in ways that suit us best?

So we can see that making the decision to use a homecare agency like ours isn’t something to do in a hurry. Ideally, it’s something you’ll have discussed with your loved ones before it becomes a necessity, and you’ll have had a chance to research all your options.

Domiciliary care doesn’t have to mean full-time, full-on attendance. You might find that an occasional, planned carer visit works well for you. Would it prove helpful to have someone to help you tackle that correspondence, for example, or to organise your medication once a week? Or perhaps you’d welcome some company when you decide to visit the library or take a trip to the supermarket?

In this way, if you’d like more help in time and want to increase the frequency of your carer visits, you’ll know how we work and, we hope, will be happy to welcome us into your home more often.

As far as family and friends are concerned, you’ll want a system that works well for everyone, so that you’re comfortable with the result and they are reassured that you’re in the best possible hands.

A lot of our service users tell us that they think of their carers as extended members of the family, which is the highest compliment they could pay us.

We’re here if you want to talk.