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What our team think...

“ I hope to spend many more wonderful years with this fantastic company ”

  • Lucy Morgan

    Branch Manager, Monmouthshire

    I started with QCare around 6 and half years ago, as a Support Worker in the community of Blaenau Gwent. I loved the caring industry and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.


    After 6 months I was promoted to what we used to call a ‘Key Worker’ (now called Team Supervisors).  This meant continuing as a hands-on Support Worker but with a little more responsibility such as community observation and covering emergency on-call situations.


    Shortly afterwards I was promoted to Care Coordinator in Blaenau Gwent. I started off organising a small team of around 25 Support Workers, handling 500 hours a week. Today we have 100 Support Workers providing over 3,000 hours of care each week.


    After a good few years of working for QCare the company put me through a lot of training and university courses where I gained additional qualifications and became a Senior Care Coordinator at the Blaenau Gwent branch, winning Senior of the Year in 2015.


    I then had the opportunity to apply for the position of Registered Manager of the Monmouthshire branch. I jumped at the chance of an interview and the position was offered to me in April 2016. Since then I have gained my level 5 QCF in Adult Management.


    So that’s my journey with QCare so far and I hope to spend many more wonderful years in this fantastic company.


  • Rebecca Norman

    Recruitment Officer

    I started my career with QCare exactly 8 years ago in August 2009 as a Support Worker in Monmouthshire.  A few years later I took on more responsibility, regularly being on call or manning (?) the branch. During my time as a Support Worker I went on many specialist training courses to widen my skillset and knowledge base, enabling me to provide a high standard of care to all my service users.


    In 2014 I applied for an Administrator post in the Monmouthshire branch office and to my surprise I got it! I did this job for two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again I undertook courses and training on computer programmes and administrative skills to help me in my role, before taking maternity leave in 2016.


    Throughout my maternity leave I was thoroughly supported by my branch and senior members of QCare with regular contact and visits. On one occasion a beautiful bunch of flowers was delivered to my door.


    When the time came to return to work, I learned about a new and exciting opportunity within the company and so I applied for the role of Recruitment Officer.


    I attended the interview and, much to my delight, I was successful.


    As a Recruitment Officer for QCare I am responsible for recruiting staff for 3 branches.  I have learnt so much and am currently completing a Recruitment Diploma.


    I thoroughly enjoy working for QCare and can’t thank them enough for believing in me and giving me the opportunities that I have had. I look forward to my future with the company and the exciting opportunities I know it will bring.


  • Kim Wright

    Senior Registered Manager

    I started in Q Care November 2010 as a Support Manager, part time in the newly acquired Blaenau Gwent branch, and was soon offered the full time, permanent role of Field Supervisor. In this role, which I loved, whenever we had a new package of care I was responsible for carrying out the service user induction, signing paperwork, going through the needs of the service user and ensuring that this was reflected in Q Care delivery plan. It was then my responsibility to make sure each delivery plan was implemented and agreed with the service user.


    I loved being actively involved in ensuring excellent levels of care were being delivered and playing my part in overseeing changes, updating paperwork and communicating between multi-disciplinary teams.


    In 2012 I was promoted to Branch Manager and after completing my QCF 5 I became the Registered Manager of Blaenau Gwent. I now have responsibility for the smooth running and viability of this contract, increasing the hours and maintaining quality of care and compliance.


    2015 saw my promotion to Senior Registered Manager where I now also assist with quality and compliance improvements and introducing new initiatives.


  • Sara Webb

    Quality & Training Manager

    I always knew I wanted to be a nurse or a social worker.  I studied  the subjects in school to set me off on the path.  After finishing college, I had to wait 2 years before I could enrol for university.  I decided to go and gain some work experience and the rest is history.

    I started in nursing care in a home for older people.  I thoroughly enjoyed this role but after a few years decided, I wanted to work with people before they need to enter in a home. I started work for Q Care as a Community Care Worker. I have seen the sector evolve and develop since then.

    I have held various roles across the organisation during my career.  Starting as a support worker, to managing my own branch. I have been the Responsible Individual registered with CSSIW and now have found my niche as quality and training manager.

    Working in care is a rewarding job. Yes it can be tough but to be able to recognise that you have helped someone to stay at home for longer or to recover an illness is the best feeling ever.

We actively encourage our staff to build a career with us.

Here are just a few employees who have established themselves within our Q Care family.


Job application FAQs

  • How do I apply for a position at Q Care?

    All applications for Q Care need to be submitted online or sent to our nearest branch office to you. You can view our current job openings and choose the position you would like to apply for. Then, submit your application form or CV.

  • How will I know my application has been received?

    Once you have completed your application form online, you will receive an automated acknowledgement. Remember to double check that you have uploaded your CV if you are attaching it. If in doubt please call us on 0345 481 6002

  • I’ve applied. Now what?

    Thanks for applying! Only successful candidates will be contacted. You’ll then have an initial phone interview with one of our recruiters (approx. 15 minutes). We’ll discuss your application or CV in more detail and if there’s still a strong match, invite you to our our offices for an interview.

  • I’m having technical issues applying online. What should I do?

    If you are having technical difficulties, please feel free to contact us on 0345 481 6002

  • I haven’t worked in care before. Can I still apply to be a Support Worker?

    Definitely. Although having some experience of supporting people will be advantageous it isn’t mandatory. We provide training on all the skills you'll require. What we look from you is the right personality and the right attitude.

  • Do I need to drive to work as a Support Worker?

    The short answer is no. We do have a number of vacancies throughout the year where it is possible to either walk, use public transport to get to calls, or you could be a passenger in one of our Company vehicles. These vacancies are not available year round though, and you will just need to check the job requirements, as these change regularly.

  • How do I get to be able to drive one of your Company pool cars?

    To be able to access one of our Company pool cars your work pattern will need to match the 'run' they are on. All our cars are scheduled to certain runs during the day. If your availability matches a run, you'll be able to use them.

  • What hours are available for me as a Support Worker?

    We have a wide variety of flexible hours available, whatever your requirements. During your interview we will ask you for your 'availability'. This is simply the hours you choose to work within our defined patterns.

  • I'm looking for an office based role. Where can I find details of those?

    All our office based vacancies are posted with our current openings, by area. Keep checking these areas for any roles that become available.

  • I still have some questions…

    No problem. Please call our recruitment team and they will be able to answer any question you have - 0345 481 6002