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Paying for your care

The Finance Team are here to ensure that your invoices and payments are processed efficiently and accurately.  Our aim is to be friendly and professional.  The team are responsive and will endeavour, should you have any queries, to answer them quickly and in detail.

The company terms of business are set out below in the FAQs.  If you require any of the information detailed, please contact us we will be happy to help;

Email to

or call us 01873 851 841

Methods of Payment
Direct Debit
Charge Card – By Phone

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Finance FAQs

  • Terms & Conditions

    Under revision

  • Whom do I contact if I have a question regarding my invoice?

    Any member of the Finance Team will be able to assist.

  • How can I pay my invoice?

    Payment methods:

    Direct Debit (Preferred method)

    Charge Card (By Phone)

    Cheque (By Post)

  • How do I pay with my visa card?

    Call the office, ask to pay by card and your payment will be taken in minutes.  This is a simple and safe way to pay.  Your card details will not be stored by Q Care, you will be asked to provide the card information on each occasion.

  • How do I pay when I do not have a bank account?

    We advise using a bank account and direct debit to pay.

    Other options:

    • Postal Orders: these can be obtained from your local Post Office and can be posted to the Finance Department at Head Office.

    • Cash: We prefer not to handle cash payments in the community, therefore cash must only be paid at Head Office.  However, please contact us we will endeavour to help.

  • I will be away when my next invoice comes, what shall I do?

    Contact the team to avoid being chased for payment.  Pay immediately on return.  Late payments are chased by the team using statements of account in the post and then by letter and telephone.

  • I am having difficulty paying my invoices.  What should I do?

    Contact the team to discuss the problem.  You may consider reducing the services being purchased.  A conversation with the Finance Team will prevent issues escalating.

  • Can I pay weekly?

    No.  Our invoicing is monthly therefore payment is expected on a monthly basis.  Please contact us should you need assistance.

  • I need more help when my family go on holiday, whom do I contact?

    Increasing your services is very easy, contact your branch and they will assist you.  If you have any problems, contact Finance and they will assist.

  • My son/daughter would like to pay my invoices how do I arrange this?

    This can be arranged.  Please contact the Finance Team who will ensure that the changes are made, so that invoices are sent directly to your family member.  However, this is a change to your agreement.  Therefore Finance will contact your branch to ensure that a new agreement is completed.  This may incur a visit from a member of the branch team.